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Bridget’s Montessori Pre-school caters for children in the 2½ to 6yrs age bracket. We participate in the ECCE scheme and the CCSP scheme. Under the terms of the free preschool years (ECCE scheme) the following criteria applies

  • Children must be 2 years and 8 months minimum to avail of the ECCE scheme i.e. children must reach 3 years old before the 31stDecember to be eligible for the scheme in September
  • For the ECCE scheme there will only be one entry point in September every year.
  • For information on CCSP contact Bridget.

Because of long waiting lists here at Bridgets Montessori places are limited therefore, Early registration is essential. We will cater for children from 2 ½ years when places are available (fees will be paid by the parents until such time as the child becomes eligible for the free preschool year), but these places will be very limited so enrol early to avoid disappointment.


Whats in a Name?

Bridget or Brigid is a Gaelic/Irish female name derived from the noun brígh, meaning “power, strength, vigour, virtue” – and here at Bridgets Montessori we aim to provide experiences and opportunities for children which enable them to develop and display all of these attributes.

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  • Two of our children attended Bridgets Montessori over the past few years. We found that the atmosphere and learning environment was second to none. The children all received individual attention and their needs were all addressed by conscientious and caring teachers. The facilities are excellent and are maintained to a very high standard. We knew that when we dropped our children off that they would have an enjoyable and educational day and, we left with no worries on our part. Thanks girls!

    Nicola and Darragh
  • My two girls were made to feel most welcome from the first day with Paula, Olivia, Lisa and all the girls at Bridgets. They are excited about going to school each day. We have greart chats at the table every evening about how good their day was, what they learned, made and talked about. My girls are now ready for and looking forward to ‘big school’. Thanks to Bridget and the girls, we found this Montessori really helped develop their strengths and taught them how to grow and learn in their own individual way. They made loads of new friends and learned to play in groups. They love outside play time and exploring in the garden area.

    Shauna & Allen
  • As parents of a very shy and timid young boy we were very apprehensive when it came to leaving him on the first day of Montessori but we needn’t have worried!! He was looked after extremely well, not only by his key teacher but by all the teachers. When it came to our second child starting, there was nowhere else we would have chosen. We have even already enrolled the youngest two JWe have watched both our boys grow into strong, confident, independent young boys, with a wonderful passion for learning. Because of the passion and dedication which the girls at Bridgets have, we watch our children go to school happy, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Thank you to all at Bridgets.

    Lisa and Johnny
  • My daughter has been with Bridgets Montessori for the past two years now. During those two years I have seen her progress, develop and learn so much that I know she is more than ready for primary school. The teachers at Bridgets have such a love for their job and genuinely care for each of the students. Every day my daughter is welcomed so warmly into the class and every day she learns something new. Her individual key worker provides her with 1-2-1 lessons and regularly updates me on her progress. They are so approachable and its clear they have a genuine interest in all the children in the class. My daughter has grown so much in the past two years and I know she will miss Bridget and all the girls when she leaves in June.

    Catherine & Shane
  • Bridgets Montessori Preschool is full of the most kind and dedicated staff members that have encouraged and facilitated our son to develop both academically and socially. Bridgets Montessori, through their individual, fun and meaningful approach to learning have equipped our son with the necessary tools to begin his lifelong learning journey. For this positive experience and the kindness you have all shown we will be forever grateful. Best wishes for the future..

    Padraic & Claire
  • Bridgets Montessori is fantastic. My first child went there about six years ago and since then was followed by my other two children. All of them had a very pleasant experience there and made some fantastic memories. All the teachers are brilliant, caring professionals who help the children to learn through play. I couldn’t imagine a better Montessori for my children to have started their journey in school life. Thank you all.

    Diana and Michael
  • Keeva has been attending Bridget’s for the last two years and I don’t know where to start telling everyone about how amazing Bridgets Montessori is. All the teachers are fantastic and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are always so welcoming and the love, care and knowledge they give the children is second to none. They have helped shape my daughter into the loving, caring and helpful child she is today. I wish she could stay longer but unfortunately she has to move on to primary school now. I don’t think you could find any better teachers anywhere and we’ll all miss them so much.

    Sheila & Frank
  • As our youngest daughter Éabha says farewell, Her final year here, our eyes might swell, With tears of pride and joy for what she’s learned, No better love and care received, as far as we’re concerned In Bridgets Montessori it’s about Imagination, And any dream the children dare to wish, The values of kindness, sharing and caring, Is evident, in Bridgets Montessori, they cherish. Quiet time, circle time, reading time today, May be about a rocket, I’ll remember the words, Zip it, lock it, and put it in your pocket. As the curtain falls on Éabha’s last year, We remember with gratitude all you’ve done for her here, An education so broad we know will take her far, She met firemen, soldiers, and even sat in a Garda car. So to Bridget, Lisa, Paula, Elaine, Olivia & Sandra, Éabha is so lucky and grateful to have had ya! Like a flower that blossoms to face the world and its strife, Éabhas ready to make the next step in her life. But from Lorna and I, It’s a ‘see you soon’ on our face, We’ve another child on the way, So we’ll be looking for a place!!! J

    Bridgets Montessori – Stephen McKee A poem
  • Both of our children attended Bridgets Montessori and both really enjoyed going each day. They had such affection for, not only their Key Worker, but for all of the teachers. Bridgets Montessori have managed to create a very happy and relaxed environment which allows the children to develop socially and emotionally. Thanks for everything.

    Amanda and Daniel


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